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In November 2009, we commenced drilling services on LUKOIL's LSP-1 platform in the Yuri Korchagin field in the Russian waters of the Caspian Sea.

In April 2016, our Company started provision of drilling services to "LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft" LLC at the ice-resistant stationary platform (MLSP-1) in the oil and gas condensate field named after V. Filanovsky.

We manage drilling services on platforms in Russian sector of the Caspian Sea. These platform are designed to withstand sea ice which occurs in the winter and all operations are "zero-discharrge" to protect the environment.

We have a proven record and qualified personnel to assist our customers with their eхtended-reach drilling (ERD) projects. The longest ERD well drilled by us offshore in 2013 was 8 kilometres long at the Yuri Korchagin field for LUKOIL.

Our alliance partner Schlumberger provides directional drilling and associated services, and in close collaboration with LUKOIL we are drilling long shallow horizontal wells up to 8,000 metres long.

In April 2016 BKE we commenced operations on the ice-resistance stationary platform MLSP-1 in the V. Filanovsky field and have drilled 8 wells. In November 2017 the drill crew moved from MLSP-1 to MLSP-2 on the V. Filansovsky field.

Since May 2017 we have provided workover operations on MLSP-1 on Yuri Korchagan field.

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